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Jul 29, 2010 at 03:17 PM

Change item categories purchasing



I found thread 1582236 via google. It nicely explains how to get the "invoice receipt" flag out of the purchase order by default (text below). I tried to change the customizing like described via IMG path:

Materials Management>Purchasing>Define External Representation of item catagories>0/Standard

But for me this customizing for "Define External Representation of Item Categories" is all in grey. I am not able to add new items categories or to change the existing ones.

So can it be, that it is not possible to change item cats attributes ("Define External Representation of Item Categories") for purchase orders, or can someone confirm that it is changeable?



Hi Ashish,

Basically when you talk about procurement, it is always chargeable (that means purchasing of materials or services mostly purchased at a certain price. That means when it is chargeable, defnetly there must be invoice (accounts payable to vendor) for that perticular item (that can be for material or a service) in the purchase order.

In above, case the Invoice Receipt Indicator is set (indicator set automatically) in the Invoice Tab of the Item details in the PO. And that specifies whether an invoice receipt is linked to the purchase order item.

Note: If the Invoice indicator is not set, the means goods are to be delivered free of charge.

And the above is based on the default configuration that is available in the system, but it can be customized as per your specifications, is as follows:

Steps for that configuration setup:

--> Display IMG (SPRO)

--> Materials Management

--> Purchasing

--> Define External Representation of item catagories (click it)

--> Here you can set the IR indicator depending on the type of procurement for the Item catageory (lie, std, thridparty,etc)

--> click it, by choosing the required combination of item cat(internal) : item cat(external)

and, in the control: invoice receipt

set the Invoice Receipt (this is only an indicator and it specifies that the PO item is chargeable and is to be invoiced. But it can be changeable (remove or set the flag) by user (when the item is delivered free of cost), it is just a link for PO item.

And there is one more indicator IR indicator firm.

there are TWO options:

--> firm in PO (if you set this indicator, user can not change while creating or changing the PO)

--> changeable in PO (if this indicator is set, it can be changeable if requires at the time of creation or change of PO through ME21N /ME22N)

And also

--> Display IMG (SPRO)

--> Materials Management

--> Purchasing

--> Maintain account assignment categories (click it)

And here, also you can set the same by choosing your required /specific account assignment categories combination.

Note: If you set the Invoice Receipt indicator in the CONFIGURATION (that is in Display IMG) and this will effect to the entire process for all users. So, please goahead by keeping all these things in your mind and in concern with the team.

Hope it clarifies you,