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Jul 29, 2010 at 01:41 PM

Radio button validation



I have 2 radio buttons.

If I select one radio button, 3 additional columns to shud appear extra. If other button is selected, those 3 columns should get hidden in the table.

How to handle this?

I have used function call in html code of radio button, but the selected radio button is not being returned back to ABAP from java script.

I have referred to older threads. But in my case, this.sumbit.form() has to be called after selecting the radio button because additional columns have to be displayed

request->get_form_field() works only in Oninput ptocesssing block .

But I have to reload the page to dispaly additional columns.

also, how do I invoke both script function call and oninput processing at the cleck of radio button

please help.