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Jul 29, 2010 at 09:00 AM

Workbench Save not working



We are using MII 12.1.4 build 53.

I have JDK 1.5_06 and IE 8 running on my system. I log into Customer MII Portal via Cisco VPN version 4.6

OS: Win XP Professional 2002 with SP 3

I can open workbench and click new to create any desired items in workbench but the problem arises only when I try to save any of the items, I literally cannot save anything on my workbench it comes up with different errors for different items for example

1) when I try to save a Transaction I get error

        java.lang.Exception: Content could not be parsed
	at Source)

2) and when I try to save a Tag Query I get error

java.lang.Exception: Server name cannot be blank; enter a server name
	at Source)

and so on.....

The test button works fine it gives me back the desired results without any errors

And also I have all the rights since I am Super admin and my save user login works for my other project mates

I also tried to put in the same configuration of IE and JDK as of my other project mates but no luck

I tried with IE 6, IE 7 and now IE 8 and also I tried JDK 1.5 and jdk 1.6 with different updates still no luck 😔

Hope to find some solution



Edited by: Adarsh Sidnoor on Jul 29, 2010 2:30 PM