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Jul 29, 2010 at 08:39 AM

Function 'Assign User Accounts to Employees'


Hi Gurus,

Firstly, I should warn you that I'm a CRM bod not an SRM person, so apologies if I come across as clueless or am asking an obvious question.

We have a central person (employee) BP assigned to their position in the Org Structure, but their user assignment has previously been deleted. I am trying to recreate that assignment (so that account history is not lost in the system for that user), but am struggling to find a way to do it (as the "assign" option on the BP for assigning the user is greyed out in Org Management).

We have Component version SRM 4.00 (listed as SRM_SERVER = 500 though) on SAPKIBKS05 with a SAP_BASIS release of 640 on SAPKB64012.

I have found some SAP help under the section "Assign user accounts to employees" at Link: [] which says that I can do what I am trying to do by using the function 'Assign User Accounts to Employees' but we do not seem to have this in our system. The help file is for SRM 5.0 judging by the URL, and our help file does not include this section.

Any help or guidance is much appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

Andrew Griffin.

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