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Jul 29, 2010 at 05:14 AM



Dear All,

We are using Aix and Oracle 10.2 as our DB. As i found during monitoring /oracle/SID/sapbackup one folder

is found and all sapdat1 to sapdat4 files structure found here.



sr3.data1 sr3.data17 sr3.data6 sr3700.data13 sr3700.data6

sr3.data10 sr3.data18 sr3.data7 sr3700.data14 sr3700.data7

sr3.data11 sr3.data19 sr3.data8 sr3700.data15 sr3700.data8

sr3.data12 sr3.data2 sr3.data9 sr3700.data16 sr3700.data9

sr3.data13 sr3.data20 sr3700.data1 sr3700.data2 sr3usr.data1

sr3.data14 sr3.data3 sr3700.data10 sr3700.data3 sysaux.data1

sr3.data15 sr3.data4 sr3700.data11 sr3700.data4 system.data1

sr3.data16 sr3.data5 sr3700.data12 sr3700.data5 undo.data1

root@CILECCDB:/oracle/PDR/sapbackup/ -ltr

total 3840

-rw-r r 1 orapdr sapsys 8556388352 Jun 11 09:19 sr3.data4

-rw-r r 1 orapdr sapsys 8325701632 Jun 11 09:19 sr3.data3

-rw-r r 1 orapdr sapsys 7927242752 Jun 11 09:19 sr3.data2

with last date 11 jun. When i took monthly offline backup time and size gets atmost double. I m new with oracle DB.

Pl. guide what to do in such cases.

Thanks in advanced

Naik Diptesh