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Jul 29, 2010 at 03:11 AM

Problem when define Value range for data element



When I define a new data element in ABAP Dictionary, for example, ZDATA_ELEMENT_TEST.

I use domain ZDOMAIN_TEST.

(Data type is DEC, the length is 10, and decimals is 2 with sign.)

Now, I want to restrict that, user can ONLY input the value from 10 to 100.

From ABAP course and the Internet, I switch to "Value Range" tab, and define 10 for Lower Limit, 100 for Upper Limit in Intervals section.

And write the simple program.


WRITE: test.

And run it.

Line: -

But, there is a problem.

When I input 200 for test, the program still run and display 200 to screen without any error report or notification. The ABAP runtime system doesn't check the input value.

I want to config for the domain that can satisfies, if the user input the wrong value (e.g: 200 in the previous case), the program will auto raise the error report, or exception, or sth like that.

Any help is welcome.