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Former Member
Jul 28, 2010 at 08:48 PM

Currency Translation at the Web Template level (standard functionality)


Hi Experts ,

We are currently working in BI 7.0 env. with source system ECC 5.0.

We are working for a task where we need to make the BEx queries enabled for currency translation .

The requirement is :-

The user should be enable to give/opt/choose for the follwoing options:-

Currency type (target currency in which the translation is aimed)

Exchange Rate ( Standard(M) or other(P) or something else) and

Key date: The translation will be performed taking the exchange rate on that particular date.

We do have 2 option to perform the task...

1:- Either we do it thru currency translation type definition(RSCUR) and then attaching this currency translation for every amount key figure values at each query level. OR

2:- If we can go and find something at the Web Template level and add/modify the template in such a way so that it gives us the functionality to translate a source currency into a desired one with desired exchange rate type (currently either M or P) and for a specific date.

At this point of time when we do have numerous sub-areas holding hundreds of queries, we want something which should be available as the modification/addition to standard functionality at the web template level and not at the query level as changing each and every one of them and testing would be a cumbersome process and would be costly and risky at the same time. So we are just wondering if we can find something with option no. 2 and add/modify something in the standard functionality.

Please ask for any more information required.

Thanks very much.