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Jul 28, 2010 at 04:27 PM

CTSDEPLOY, exception is cx_ai_system_fault


Hi all,

I have a BI (ABAP) landscape: DBI, QBI, PBI (NW 7.0 SPS19). CTS+ was implemented in DBI as the domain controller and the transport has been working properly for the ABAP systems. The systems are dual stack and the corresponding BI portals also have the same SIDs (please don't ask why :-). As such, we cannot add the BI portals as non-ABAP systems in CTS (SIDs must be unique). SAP suggested that we'd create the java stacks for the existing ABAP systems in the CTS to transport the BI portal objects.

I followed the "Best practices for implementing CTS" document to create the java stacks for dual-stack systems. I followed the following link to configure the CTS Deploy Web Service

I'm trying to import a transport request (portal) from DBI to QBI. The request was released in DBI and showed up in the import queue of QBI. When I tried to import the request in QBI, I got the error

Communication error in web service CTSDEPLOY, exception is cx_ai_system_fault

SOAP:1.007 SRT: Unsupported xstream found: ('HTTPCode 200 : OK')

Return Code = 12

SAP Note 1139406 indicates that this error caused by user still has "initial" password. However, this is not the case. I used j2ee_admin user/pwd and I verified it (manually logged into the J2EE engine) on both DBI and QBI. All the system checks in CTS are OK. All the connection tests are OK. It seems to have something to do with CTSDEPLOY in QBI; I'm a bit confused here since I have another portal landscape (java only) connected to SolMan as the domain controller and, as such, the only CTSDEPLOY needed is from the domain controller and it's working fine.

I searched the SDN and googled the error but couldn't find any other relevant/helpful thread. Any help is greatly appreciated.