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Former Member
Jul 28, 2010 at 03:02 PM

Problem with BI-IP and Offsets in Fiscal Period/Year


Hi freinds,

I got a request that is linked to BI-IP and Query design.

The request is that the users should always see a complete year by Fiscal Periods (001.2010...012.2010).

Now the BI-IP should be dynamic. This means in 007.2010 the user should plan 008.2010...012.2010, the previous month are supposed to be the actuals.

Problem: I do not want to change the query each month in order to move the planning month. I tried to use an offset with 11 month actuals. Saying "current month/Year", -1,-2,...,-11 using 11 restricted key figures. Same I did for the planning month. I now limited the Data to 2010 in the filter and anywhere I could. However, the result columns are showing all 22 Month. 001.2010...007.2010 are the only once which carry data. all other columns are empty.

I just do not want to see the columns that do not belong to the current year.

Any ideas or How to's I can use?

Thanx and best regards