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Jul 28, 2010 at 07:21 AM

WDA architectural style and MVC pattern????


Hi Experts

I am new to WDA style of UI development, though not new to WD. I did some study on the way certain UI features behave in WDA. I have several questions on the design patterns followed in this tool.

I have to develop a set of UIs that connect to services. Ofcourse I would use the service call option in WDA. How to use UI elements such as Range selector, search helps when I use only services as models. I dont wish to use any local data elements. The approach is service aligned and all data types used belong to GDT (GlobAL DATA tYPES IN ESR).

I have seen that the range selector uses a data element in ABAP and the WD generator automatically creates a range selector UI. The data feteched comes from the local server where the data element exists (pls correct me if iam wrong). What happens if my data element really exists on a different ABAP server? How to develop distributed WDA applications? What are the best practices?

I wish to keep services & webdynpro UI in different ABAP systems. UI will call the services via the service call option in WDA. I dont want to create single instance monolithic applications. Even better I would choose PI is moderator to facilitate Asynchronous service calls.

Does WDA really allow/force you to applications based on MVC patterns? I read this blog post, it does discuss the issue but what are the design guidelines to follow? Thanks.




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