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Jul 28, 2010 at 05:12 AM

EHP4 Upgrade



During the upgrade of ECC6 (Dual stack) to EHP4 at road map Configuration at phase PREPARE_EXTENSION_INCLUSION we stack with below error,

This trouble ticket was created by SAPehpi on 20100726114113


SAPehpi broke during phase EHP_INCLUSION in module PREP_EXTENSION / Extension module for start release >= 40B

Error Message: Unable to generate addon queue. Return Code = -99, Reason = "Internal error: No PAT07 entries for key SAPK-603DH02ISM of package SAPK-603DHIN", check log file 'SPDA_EHP_INCLUSION.LOG' for details

3 ETN112 The OCS Package Queue is empty

2 ETN085X"2. Adding Add-on Installation Queue" " " " " " "

2EETN010 Internal error: "No PAT07 entries for key" "SAPK-603DH02ISM" "of package" "SAPK-603DHINISM"

1 ETN214X."**************************************************"

1 ETN251 End of phase: "'Add-on Queue Calculation'"

1 ETN254 End date: "26.07.2010"

1 ETN255 End time: "11:41:13"

1 ETN214 ."**************************************************"

SAP solution for the above


From the error:



2EETN010 Internal error: "No PAT07 entries for key" "SAPK-603DH02ISM"

"of package" "SAPK-603DHINISM"

Please download packages SAPK-603DHINISM and IS-M======603 again

from the marketplace and proceed as follow:

1. Load the packages to EHP/in;

2. Disassemble;

3. Repeat the phase.

The problem in PAT07 will be fixed.

We have downloaded the same and rerun the phase from begining and