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Learning Hub in lieu of on-site training? How to do the matH?

I used to go to a big city like Chicago for like 5 days to take one single SAP course... so with this great SAP Learning Hub, I just purchase a Hub subscription, and then take a self-paced course (with course content included in the subscription) , then add a "contingency" of a practice system for 20 hours....

with these 3 things, it completely replaces by 5-day education journey and travel costs????

Cost of Chicago education trip: 2,000 + 5,000 USD = 7,000 USD.... cost of the Hub course equivalent: = around $1,500.... this does not make sense to me???

I am not sure which option to purchase, SAP Learning Hub, Professional Edition or Business Edition? what's the difference? can I upgrade from Business to Professional if later I found the edition not meeting my needs?

I am an independent consultant.

can you explain? thanks!

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2 Answers

  • Mar 08 at 08:06 PM

    Hi there - First off apologies for the delayed response! You raise many good questions and discussion points. Let me try to answer.

    Your notes on initial training experiences mentioned at the start are an important part of an individual learners’ journey. While many courses are great from the hub, some courses are most effectively delivered in a classroom setting (live or virtual) by an instructor. Obviously, as you mentioned, you have to consider your budget and the way you prefer to learn. If you have questions about specific courses, let us know.

    One of the great values out of SAP Learning Hub is that a subscription to the professional edition is comparable to a single in person course. You did the math well : D

    There are other great features of SAP Learning Hub too , like you mentioned the options to a Live Access contingency to extend hands on practice, and if certification is in your path there is also additional bundling opportunities.

    The main difference between professional and business edition is the target user. For an independent consultant covering a couple different technical solution areas a professional edition is likely a best fit for you. Where business edition focuses mainly on end user of the application. There is also various solution editions available if your focus area lies within one SAP portfolio area.

    Hope this helps you assess your learning options. Here are some additional resources to help:

    View info of the different editions available.

    View a detail Learning Hub content catalog here.

    Access the 14-day trial

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  • Mar 19 at 02:55 PM

    I subscribed to the Learning Hub Digital Edition. How do I upgrade to the Professional Edition?

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