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Former Member
Jul 27, 2010 at 11:13 PM

Message mapping issue !!


Hi Guys,

Can some focus light on this please?

I have got one issue in message mapping as follows

Source Side


    <Group_ZA>         --- 0. Unbound
         <DA02_ZA>      --- 0.. Unbound
                ZA01    --- 0..1
                ZA02   ---  0..1
                ZA03   ---  0..1 

Target Side
<ProductActivity>     			1..1
    <Item>				1..Unbound
        <Inventory>			0..1
           UnrestrictedUseQuantity	                     1..1
           QualityInspectionQuantity	                     0..1
                     Quantity                                                1..1

The source side DA02_ZA tag comes 5 times per one Group_ZA tag. In first value DA02_ZA, ZA01 comes with 'QA', second value DA02_ZA.ZA01 comes 'QD', third value DA02_ZA.ZA01 comes 'QT',fourth value DA02_ZA.ZA01 comes 'QX' and fifth value DA02_ZA.ZA01 comes 'QZ'. If ZA01='QA' then need to pass ZA02 value into ' UnrestrictedUseQuantity'. If ZA01="QD" then need to pass ZA02 value into "QualityInspectionQuantity", if ZA01="QT" then ZA02 pass into "Quantity" field. The similary I need to valid this ZA01 five values and pass ZA02 into Target side with some more tags.

After my mappingp into target side, the first ZA02 value is coming into all target side fields.

How to put condition ZA01 is not equal to 'QD' or not Equla to "QT'.

Please cany any help me to resolve my issue.

Many Thanks in Advance