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Former Member
Jul 27, 2010 at 08:10 PM

MRS 700 SP03 - Resource Planning Nodes & Evaluation Paths setup


Dear All,

I have started to work recently on MRS project, implementing MRS 700 SP03.

Currently I am trying to go through the configuration process and set up the "Resource Planning Nodes & Evaluation Paths", but the screenshots and the information provided in the Configuration Guide is completely different from the layout of the "Resource Planning Nodes & Evaluation Paths" in my SAP.

The table presented in the guide has only 22 fields and it is divided into 6 sections(basic obj. types, authorizations etc.), and the one I have in my SAP includes 34 fields without any sections. The guide does not specify how to fill in the remaining 12 fields, so I am able to complete only first 22. I am using scenario R/3

I have been using "Configuration Guide for SAP Multiresource Scheduling" ver.3.0, Release 7.0 SP03, the BB Config Guide 261, as well as the article "Define RP Node and Evaluation paths" from, but none of them covers all the fields required in my SAP.


1. Has anybody faced the same issue with MRS? If yes, could you please give me any advice how to fill in all 34 fields.

2. Is there any newer release of the MRS Config Guide than v3.0, or a BB Config Guide 261?

Thank you in advance for any tips or suggestions