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Jul 27, 2010 at 07:02 PM

Project Settlement - Aggregating/Settling on new custom field


At our company, we created a new custom field called "Location Code" that is populated during journal entries through manual input. When an entry to a WBS element is posted with a Location Code value entered, the Location Code value also gets carried over to CO (controlling), SPL, and is in PS. The problem we have is with settlement as it does not carry over the Location Code at the final settlement receiver. For example:

1. Journal entry is posted to WBS element H01.12345.01.01 with Location Code value entered of "435" (this is a field in the FI document posting screen) for $100. Another entry is posted to the same WBS element but with a different Location Code of "080" for $200. Both entries to the same G/L account.

2. Settlement is run to settle the 2 entries in Step 1 above which totals ($200 + $100) $300. WBS element H01.12345.01.01 will settle to a cost center.

3. When we view the final accounting documents (especially our special ledger purpose documents), Location Code value is blank and there is one entry to the receiving cost center for $300. It seems project settlement aggregates entries based only on WBS level and G/L account.

QUESTION: Is it possible (and if so, how) to get projects to settle these lines individually based on aggregating on Location Code as well as G/L account? We would like to see $200 settle to the receiving cost center with Location Code value "435", and another line settling $100 to the receiving cost center with Location Code "080".

I hope I made sense. Thanks in advance!