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Former Member
Jul 27, 2010 at 01:56 PM

Issue with EvSND and time dimension


Hi all,

I have been having an issue with EVSND formula. On my worksheet I have one evdre range with Time on columns and Entities in row and the Project (user) dimension is controlled on the page axis.

I need to store some project-specific data on the intersection which is agnostic to other dimensions. For this purpose I have generic entity and time members. The problem is that the system modifies the generic time member by adding the year as set by the Category dimension to it. So instead of referring to time member Mxxxx the system tries to fetch the data for 2010.Mxxxx which is a non-existant member.

The time dimension has beed laid out properly i.e. the generic member is located on the lowest hierarchy level.

The same time member can be properly accessed using evdre in a different schedule.

Any ideas how to solve this issue would be appreciated.