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Jul 27, 2010 at 01:05 PM

liveCache is not ready for update



I am trying to upgrade livecache version to version7.7.04.23 (after upgrade SCM 2007 to 7.0). The upgrade fails however with following in the log:

sql_execute select owner,tablename from tables where tablename = '__$__LCFLAG'
-24988,ERR_SQL: SQL error
100,Row not found

liveCache is not ready for update

make sure that all liveCache transaction data
stored in the APO system
by using step B1 (download liveCache data) of report /SAPAPO/OM_LC_UPGRADE_50

switch liveCache state back to OFFLINE

SYS: "C:\sapdb\programs\bin\x_server" stop
x_server is not running
STDERR: SAP liveCache instance update exited abnormally at Tu, Jul 27, 2010 at 14:47:16
MSG: don't need to write package registry
MSG: install registry successfully unlocked

I have seen that this error occurred to others too, but I couldn't really find a solution yet.

I use the cd 51035655_13 - SAP SCM 7.0 liveCache Windows Server on x64 64bit

  • Extra note: The old version has never been used in the past so report /SAPAPO/OM_LC_UPGRADE_70 doesn't do anything.

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