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Jul 27, 2010 at 01:04 PM

Blog rankings


Ladies and getlemen,

I wonder if you would like to see some more information about the blog rankings (like here: /people/otto.gold2/blog) like me.

Example: When I see a blog with rank 13638, it does not tell anything useful about the quality of the text (I assume the rank and the quality change together, what is of course out of reality... but read on).

If would be able to compare the "quality" of the text with texts on similar topic (means: with other texts in the same category) then the rank would have a meaning, right?

One can check some Blog top posts here:

But that allows me to filter by the month only, what is, in my opinion useless. Because when I want to read something relevant for a certain topic, I would filter by the topic rather than the months, does that make sense?


- please add a category filter to the top blogs to help the search (to make the top blogs list more like top contributors)

- please add a rank within the category to the blogger posts list (to help me understand the value of the text within its category)

- please consider creating something like for the blogs, so a newcomer can immediately read the first 3 (or browse for more) blogs from the Career center for example...

Who would support the idea?

Thank you, regards Otto