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Jul 27, 2010 at 12:50 PM

SOAPSender with Message Protocoll SOAP1.1 or XI3.0 - any suggestion for it


Hi all,

we have SAP PI 7.11 SP06 and would like to implement a sync scenario with SAP CRM 7.01 SP05. SAP CRM as web service consumer. SAP CRM => SAP PI => Non-SAP WS Endpoint

For a special requirement we have to support enduser id to web service provider (Non-SAP). As analized we found out that this is possible with SOAPSender (activating adapter-specific message attributes) --> enduser id is delivered within SOAP Header in TRC_USER.

As far as I know there a two possibilities to use SOAP Sender:

Var A: SOAPSender (Message Protokoll SOAP1.1)

Var B: SOAPSender (Message Protokoll XI3.0)

For var A configure things within SOA Manager.

For var B configure Service ID and destination to AAE etc. as described within HowTo Guide on SDN


Has anyone a tip/suggestion - which one is recommended and why? Do you have any experience in that?

Thanks a lot and best regards

Stefan Bosshard