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Former Member
Jul 27, 2010 at 12:52 PM

Basic walkthrough to add form with buttons to B1


Hi All,

I am newbie to B1 dev. It would be great if anyone can offer me a very basic bullet point intro to a simple B1 customisation.

Could someone please outline the most basic steps to achieve a form in B1 (available from the main menu) that includes a button that triggers a user query.

for example.

1/ Build form in Visual studio

2/ compile

3/ add to B1? how?

4/ ..


Even better, if anyone has a very basic intro/guide in a video it would be perfect.

It's sometimes the most basic steps/outline that people like me need to see... then we can go ahead and complete with success.

I understand the SDK info in regard to building a form, but I am then at a loss what to do once I save my project in Visual studio (for example).

Best regards,