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Former Member
Jul 27, 2010 at 12:10 PM

Very high memory consumption of B1i and cockpit widgets


Hi all,

finally I have managed it to install B1i successfully, but I think something is wrong though.

Memory consumption in my test environment (Win2003, 1024 MB RAM), while no other applications and no SAP addons are started:

tomcat5.exe 305 MB

SAP B1 client 315 MB

SAP B1DIProxy.exe 115 MB

sqlservr.exe 40 MB

SAPB1iEventSender.exe 15 MB

others less than 6 MB and almost only system based processes...

For each widget I open (3 default widgets, one on each standard cockpit), the tomcat grows bigger and leaves less for the sql server, which has to fetch all the data (several seconds on 100% of CPU usage).

Is this heavy memory consumption normal? What happens if several users are logged into SAP B1 using widgets?

Thanks in advance