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Jul 27, 2010 at 12:01 PM

Behaviour of accounts with ACCTYPE = AST.


Hello Gurus,

We are currently developing a prototype in SAP BPC NW 7.5, and we don't understand the behaviour of those Accounts with ACCTYPE = AST. Please, could you tell us if this behaviour is correct or if we have any error?

We are currently loading the data from a flat file (emulating the loadings that we will have directly from BI). The report should show the Balance Sheet accounts and the Asset accounts.

The data loaded into BPC is periodic and we have these values:

2011.JAN -> 13364,33u20AC

2011.FEB -> 13364,33u20AC

2011.MAR -> 13364,33u20AC

2011.ABR -> 13364,33u20AC

2011.MAY -> 13364,33u20AC

2011.JUN -> 13364,33u20AC

2011.JUL -> 873614,33u20AC

2011.AUG ->197114,33u20AC

2011.SEP -> 1197114,33u20AC

2011.OCT -> 197114,33u20AC

2011.NOV -> 197114,33u20AC

2011.DES -> 981058,33u20AC

So, in the report we want to see these data (the YTD data):

2011.JAN -> 13364,33u20AC

2011.FEB -> 26728,66u20AC

2011.MAR -> 40092,99u20AC

2011.ABR -> 53457,32u20AC

2011.MAY -> 66821,65u20AC


2011.DES -> 3723316u20AC

But, when we execute the report, all the months have the same value either we execute with MEASURE = PERIODIC or MEASURE = YTD. The value obtained in all months is the value from December:

2011.JAN -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.FEB -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.MAR -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.ABR -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.MAY -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.JUN -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.JUL -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.AUG -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.SEP -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.OCT -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.NOV -> 981058,33u20AC

2011.DES -> 981058,33u20AC

Is this behaviour correct?

Thank you in advance,