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Jul 27, 2010 at 11:04 AM

Different behaviour for manually vs. automatically created shop orders


Hello everybody,

depending on how I create a shop order, ME behaves different at the assembly point activity.

I set up a the BOM "P-109-1-1/H" as current version. For some of the components I set the assembly operation to "50000233-1-0-0040" and the assembly data type to "INV_SFC". For those components I also created trackable SFCs.

Now, when I create a shop order manually everything works fine. At operation "50000233-1-0-0040" I call the assembly point activity and a window pops up for component selection and assignment of an SFC.

When I create the shop order automatically thru SAP PP (LOIPRO) it works different. First of all, the order gets automatically assigned to the BOM "60003889-P-109-1-1/H-1". I assumed that this is a true copy of "P-109-1-1/H". But when I get to the operation "50000233-1-0-0040" the assembly point activity call will not execute. It merely posts the message "All components assembled at this operation". However, by looking to the as built summary, it shows that no components are assembled.

When I change the BOM for this shop order to "P-109-1-1/H" thru the change production activity it works fine again.

Given this scenario, I assume that the BOM "60003889-P-109-1-1/H-1" is not set up correctly. However, this BOM/Vers. is created automatically and is not stored under BOM Maintenance. Thus I can't see what the actual setting looks like.

So can someone explain, what actually happens when the BOM "60003889-P-109-1-1/H-1" gets created? Is it a copy of "P-109-1-1/H"? Can I view it somewhere? Is there any other system or site rule that influences the creation/copy of BOMs?

Hope someone can help,