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Jul 27, 2010 at 10:19 AM

How to Syndicate key value


Hi ,

I have a table where there are 2 fields Country and code.

I imported data with a remote system rs2.

'edit key mapping window' values 'FOR rs2' are

name remote system key

india RS2 IIA

india RS2 IA "CHECKED"

In record pane there is one record.

name country

india IND

In synd i created 4 fields.

now in file i can see 2 records.

Name Country Remotesys remote key

india IND rs2 IIA

india IND rs2 IA

Now, as i 'checked ' the second record in 'edit key mapping window' values 'FOR rs2' , it SHOULD syndicate only 2nd record!!!

But it syndicated 2 records!! How can i control this??

Please let me know.