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Jul 27, 2010 at 10:11 AM

SAP Adaptive Computing Controller - Error: SAP Instance not found!


Hey there,

today I faced a problem regarding the SAP ACC. As I wanted to stop a system via the Adaptive Computing Controller the ACC throws following exception:

Error: SAP Instance not found!

So I checked a few things:

1. InstanceAgent: Agent is ok, and WebInterface is ready for running methods... so this works.

2. checked profiles of the Instance... also ok

3. checked entries of /usr/sap/sapservices ... also ok

4. I tried the webmethod call like the acc on OS level (with user sapadm and running hostagent)=>

saphostctrl -function StopInstance -sid E94 -nr 94 -saplocalhost ple94as11

next message was: Error: SAP Instance not found!

5. checked the instance listing

[sapadm@xanthus ~]$ saphostctrl -function ListInstances

Inst Info : E96 - 96 - hre96as11 - 700, patch 236, changelist 1121384

Inst Info : E86 - 86 - ie86as11 -

Inst Info : EBH - 63 - bgebhas11 - 640, patch 247, changelist 1005670

Inst Info : E98 - 58 - roe98as11 -

here you see, that the E94 is missing... so what is the problem with this... why doesn't the SAPHostAgent find this instance?

Thanks and best regards