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Jul 27, 2010 at 08:25 AM

MI 7.1 data objects push data to backend in some sequence


Hi all,

Let's say we have 2 data objects with no dependency between these. If we add instances of these data objects on the client in some sequence, can we be sure that these instances will arrive on DOE in the same order and will be processed in that order? Or do we actually have to define this order with report 'DOE_MAINTAIN_DO_SYNC_ORDER' ? But i've read on this forum that this is only for backward compatibility reasons... I find it rather strange that this sequence was easily be set in MI7.O with MI_MCD, but in MI7.1 it seams not.

In thread how-to-set-execution-preferences-between-data-obje, someone says that this will be encorporated in the DOE workbench (SDOE_WB) itself. We are on MI 7.1 SP9. Is this the case then? Were can we do these settings?

Additional question:

Let's say there is a dependency between these 2 data objects, then i know that download request for leading data object triggers download request of following DO. Does this also define the update order from client to DOE?

thanks in advance,