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Jul 27, 2010 at 03:25 AM

File Adapter - Reading 2 files from sender and one file to receiver


All - I am looking for a best solution for reading two files from sender and generating one file to the receiver.

Here is the scenario

Sender file s - A is a master file. B is a detail file; B will have a one to many records for each record of File A.. that is the relation ship between 2 files.. I am looking for a better solution to



File A will have a record like "summary1 ABC 1234"

File B will have a record like "Detailfor Summary1 CDF 8679"


File C shall have a record "consolidatedofSummary&Detail ABC 1234 8679"

1) read records of master row and detail row from these 2 files

2) do the mapping to the receiver output format which it is creating for records with some harcoded values and based on the values from master and detail rows of sender file

if I can accomblish reading sender files and do the mapping to the receiver , assume that mapping to the receiver format would not be cumbersome.

please help me...