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Jul 27, 2010 at 01:41 AM

Inter Co PO creation wirth Zero Price



I am an FI/CO consultant, but I need your advice with creation of an Inter Company PO with Zero value

My requirement is w.r.t an inter-co PO. Say Company A sells to Company B a material priced $50.00 with 100% discount. The inter-co PO is used as reference to create the delivery doc and the COGS in Co A is at 0.01$ and the Invoice is at 0.00$. In Co B where the PO is created, as a result of the PIR, the value of $50 automatically gets populated as the gross price.

I now used SKTO, cash discount of 100% to bring the value to Zero. But when I try to save the PO, I get the error message that

"Net price must be greater than 0 -- Message no. 06218.

When I try to use the Free Goods Option, the IR indicator in the Invoice tab gets unselected and I get the message that-- Cross-company code stock transfer: Check the IR indicator -- Message no. MEPO106. Company B requires that an IR get generated.

Also, when I select the Free Goods option, at the time of GR, the entire material value gets posted to the PPV account and since the material is set up at "V", it results in a huge change in the price of the material.

My question is how do I go about creating a PO such that the discounted value gets reflected in the appropriate Discount GL account instead of the PPV Account , and the system accepts the value of PO at Zero and at the same permits creation of the the IR at Zero value to off-set the GR/IR balance postings.

Please advise how I should proceed.

Thanks and Regards,