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Jul 26, 2010 at 05:45 PM

Custom Field in KOMKCV and KOMPCV are not recongnized while Account Determi


Hi All,

I want to do account determination in Billing based on two fields in Sales Order. One is Order Reason at Item ( Custom Field) and other is Sales Document Type (AUART).

I have added two custom fields (ZZAUGRU_ITEM and ZZAUART) in Account Determination Communication Structure KOMKCV and KOMPCV. I am also populating these fileds through User Exits USEREXIT_ACCOUNT_PREP_KOMKCV and USEREXIT_ACCOUNT_PREP_KOMPCV in Billing. But when I see Account Determination Analysis I see Yello Exclaimatory marks for these two custom field. Eventhough these two fields are populated in KOMKCV and KOMPCV structures I get the error "Access KOFI not carried out (initialized field)" for these two fields. Account Determination configuration and all require technical coding ( user exit upodate) are in place. I have also update access with selecting fields from field catalog inside access sequence and saved. But I am not able to determine G/L based on this access. In debug mode I am able to see my two ZZ fields populated in KOMKCV and KOMPV. But there is some issue in this area somehow access is not able to recognize fields KOMKCV-ZZAUART and KOMPCV-ZZAUGRU_ITEM.

Kindly suggest if I have missed anything.