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Jul 26, 2010 at 04:53 PM

Conversion Files and formula Column


Hi Everyone,

We are loading actual data using the standar import package of BPC ms 7.0.

Some of the actual data has to be allocated in various internal account of BPC.

To do is, we were thinking of using the conversion files and the formula column of something like this :

For example, the account 4320000 does not exist in the account dimension, the actual data is 100. This account has to be allocated in two accounts: AUX 1 and Aux 2 with these percentages: 20% and 80%, so the result should be aux1: 80 and aux2: 20.

We have defned the conversion files like this


4320000 AUX1 VALUE*0.8

4320000 AUX2 VALUE*0.2

The problem is that when we load data, BPC only execute the first line and not the second one.

I mean the result of the import is aux1: 80 and aux2: Nothing.

Any idea of what is happening and how we can solve it?

Thanks a lot