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Jul 26, 2010 at 01:43 PM

Performance testing of BPC?


Hi guys

I'm wondering if anyone has experience of load-testing BPC?

We run the Windows Server version (currently 5.1), and I'm looking into the benefits of v7.0.

However, I would like to have much more than just anecdotal evidence, so I would like to stress test both environments.

I have had HP LoadRunner mentioned to me, but as I have no experience of running this kind of testing, I have a few questions:

1. "LoadRunner for SAP Products" is a specific tool on HP's site, but does this also work well (or at all) with SAP BPC?

2. How simple is it to setup, configure and (more importantly) uderstand at the end (output reports, etc.)

3. Does it run alongside either/both the Application and/or SQL servers, or does it need a separate server to run?

4. Are there any other tools on the market that work well with BPC that are either better or "just as good but cost less"?

5. Speaking of cost - Any idea of (approximate) licensing costs for any of these applications?

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be most welcome.