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Jul 26, 2010 at 10:53 AM

Error in Process chain execution.


Pls, i'm getting the following error with my process chain.

Error TEXT : *************** From HERE ***********

  • WARNING 914 *** EEWO0914W An internal error has occurred. Either the joblog or the job protocol for the following job does not exist:

Job name: !1

Job ID: !2.

+++ EEWO1016I The Process Chain has been stopped:

Error Text : *************** Till HERE ***********

What is process chain doing : The process loads data from legacy (oracle db) into ODS and then splits data into 2 cubes, with ODS activation, drop indexes, create indexes, delete PSA at proper places. The PC is called from a maestro job (TWS Agent : Tivoli Work Scheduler agent). The TWSA simply calls the PC with no processing at it's end.

Fyi, When i look at the BW logs, the PC is a success (green), with all data loaded successfully. In the last step of the PC, i'm creating a txt file (0 byte file) on the server. Even this file is created with correct time stamp (as per log).

However the TWS reports back the above mentioned error.

The last message, just before the error is :

07/24/2010 17/46/37 RSM1 797Start InfoPackage ZPAK_3XYD134H7BSESPB0MRTCGHNOE

For the past few loadings, this behaviour has been consistent. Could anybody give some lead on this.