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Jul 26, 2010 at 09:08 AM

File adapter FTP to NFS


Hi Experts,

Right now we have our PI server installed on a windows machine. The files are available in a different windows machine but in the same network. So far we were using FTP to write or read files. Now recently we run into lot of problems in the FTP server. So we have decided to access the files via NFS. I just want to know what has to be done to access the files from a different machine in the same n/w via NFS.

I saw some threads related to this, but most of it talks abt NFS b/w unix and windows. Will the SAMBA s/w mentioned in one of the thread can be used for windows to windows also??. The simple MAP network drive is not helping a lot. I get the following error in the CC monitor.

Configured source directory 'H:\abcd\inbound does not exist;.

Pls advice.