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Crystal Reports .NET In Process RAS (Unmanaged) - Report/SubReport manipulation

I'm looking to see if there might be any samples available to look at that show the following:

1. Using In Process RAS

2. Build a report dynamically by adding sections to a report container and then adding sub reports to those sections.

I'm looking to rewrite an old RDC implementation and need to use application data to drive the how the report is built, the sections, and subreports to use.

Please note that I do not see such a sample in the SDK samples offered for .NET In Process RAS.

Thank you,

- Nick

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2 Answers

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    Dec 06, 2016 at 08:58 PM

    Hi Nick,

    This link should get you started:


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    • Good Morning,

      Again, following up on this after some time. Does anyone know whether it is possible to having existing RDC code and Crystal Reports .NET Ras (Unmanaged ) running in the same project? Specifically, can portions be converted while running old code or might there be conflicts?

      Thank you,

      - Nick

  • Sep 19, 2017 at 09:06 PM

    I realize it has been a long time since this was posted, but I am finally trying to attack this issue after a delay. The RDC example that I am working with involves setting the report document, setting parameters, looping through the main report sections to identify report objects and then to apply the connection and parameters to each report object including the main report.

    I was hoping there would be some equivalent code available.

    It would be great if there was some guide that said if you were doing this in RDC it is this in Inprocess RAS. For example, the first step of the GenerateProjectReport we are creating an instance of CRAXDDRT.Application and CRAXDDRT.Report. I'm not sure what class or classes are the equivalent and which assemblies to import.

    Here is what I have:

    #Region " Print "Private Sub ClearTempFilesByUser()
            Dim IAs Integer
                Dim strFilePattern AsString= ViewState("username") & "_PM*.pdf"
                Dim FileTable()AsString= IO.Directory.GetFiles("C:\project\temp\", strFilePattern)ForI=0To UBound(FileTable)
                    IO.File.Delete(FileTable(I))NextCatch ex AsException
                'Do nothing
            EndTryEnd Sub
        Sub GenerateProjectReport(ByVal strFilter AsString, ByVal strSortField AsString, ByVal strSortDir AsString, ByVal strCommandName AsString)
            Dim crApp AsNew CRAXDDRT.Application
            Dim crReport AsNew CRAXDDRT.ReportIf cbxPrintMarked.Checked Then
                Dim strMarkFilter AsString=""
                Dim XAs Integer
                Dim objChechBox AsCheckBoxForX=0To dgrProjects.Items.Count-1
                    objChechBox = dgrProjects.Items.Item(X).Cells(12).FindControl("cbxMarked")IfNot IsNothing(objChechBox)ThenIf objChechBox.Checked Then strMarkFilter += dgrProjects.Items(X).Cells(1).Text&","
                        objChechBox = Nothing
                    EndIfNextIfNot Trim(strMarkFilter)="" _Then strFilter ="WHERE PID IN(" & Mid(strMarkFilter, 1, Len(strMarkFilter) - 1) & ")" _Else lblError.Text="No record was marked for printing." : Exit SubEndIfTry
                ' Open the report
                '-----------------------------------------------SelectCase UCase(strCommandName)Case"SUMMARY" : crReport = crApp.OpenReport("Summary.rpt", 0)Case"SUMMARY2" : crReport = crApp.OpenReport("Summary2.rpt", 0)CaseElse: crReport = crApp.OpenReport("Detail.rpt", 0)EndSelect
                ' Set the ConnectionInfo properties for logging onto the Database 
                ' Set parms based upon needs andincludingall subreports
                Dim oParms As CRAXDDRT.ParameterFieldDefinitions
                Dim oParm As CRAXDDRT.ParameterFieldDefinition
                ' set parms for the mainreport;in this case it has two
                oParms = crReport.ParameterFields
                oParm = oParms.Item(1)
                oParm = oParms.Item(2)
                oParm = oParms.Item(3)
                oParm = oParms.Item(4)
                oParm.ClearCurrentValueAndRange()If UCase(strCommandName)="SUMMARY" _Then oParm.SetCurrentValue(True) _
                        Else oParm.SetCurrentValue(False)Catch exMain AsExceptionIfNot IsNothing(crApp)Then
                    crReport = Nothing
                    crApp = Nothing
            ' Handle Viewing
            Dim sSaveFileName AsString=""Try
                'Build standard filename and path
                Dim strDateTimeStamp AsString=Format(Date.Now,"MMddyyyy_hhmmss")
                sSaveFileName ="C:\project\temp\" & _
                                ViewState("username") & "_PM" & _
                                ViewState("PIDselected") & "_" & _
                                strDateTimeStamp &"_report.pdf"
                'Call the export
                ExportFile(crReport, sSaveFileName)
                'Manage closing of com objects
                crReport = Nothing
            Catch exMain2 AsExceptionIfNot IsNothing(crApp)Then
                    crReport = Nothing
                    crApp = Nothing
            'Extracting partial path from physical path and forming a virtual path to the file
            'Register javascript to the virtual path
            Dim strTable()AsString
            Dim IAsByte, strTemp AsString=""
            ' Reverse left slashes toright
            strTable =Split(sSaveFileName,"\")ForI=4To UBound(strTable): strTemp = strTemp &"/" & strTable(I) : Next
            Dim strURL AsString
            Dim strOptions AsString
            strURL ="http://" & Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME") & "/temp/" & strTemp
            strOptions ="LEFT=10, TOP=10, HEIGHT=650, WIDTH=600, STATUS=no, SCROLLBARS=yes RESIZABLE=yes"Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(GetType(Main),"ShowReport", "<script language='JavaScript'>" & vbCrLf & _"'" & strURL & "', '', '" & strOptions & "', 'False')</script>")End Sub
        Sub SetReportTableProps(ByRef objReport As CRAXDDRT.Report)
            Dim CrTables As CRAXDDRT.DatabaseTables
            'Indiv Table(reused)
            Dim CrTable As CRAXDDRT.DatabaseTable
            'This code works for both usertablesand stored 
            'procedures.Set the CrTables to the Tablescollection 
            'of the report 
            ' Acquire referencetotablecollection
            CrTables = objReport.Database.Tables
            'Loop through each tablein the reportand apply the 
            'LogonInfo information 
            Dim objProperties As CRAXDDRT.ConnectionProperties
            For Each CrTable In CrTables
                objProperties = CrTable.ConnectionProperties
                'If your DatabaseName ischangingat runtime, specify 
                'the table location. 
                'For example,when you are reporting offof a 
                'Northwind databaseonSQL server you 
                'should have the following lineofcode: 
                CrTable.Location = AppSettings("Initial Catalog") & ".dbo." & CrTable.Location.Substring(CrTable.Location.LastIndexOf(".") + 1)NextEnd Sub
        Private Sub SetDBConnProps(ByRef objParms As CRAXDDRT.ConnectionProperties)
            objParms.Item("Provider").value = AppSettings("Provider")
            objParms.Item("Data Source").value = AppSettings("Data Source")
            objParms.Item("Initial Catalog").value = AppSettings("Initial Catalog")
            objParms.Item("User ID").value = AppSettings("User ID")
            objParms.Item("Password").value = AppSettings("Password")End Sub
        Sub PrepareSubReports(ByRef objReport As CRAXDDRT.Report)
            Dim CrSections As CRAXDDRT.Sections
            Dim CrSection As CRAXDDRT.Section
            Dim CrReportObjects As CRAXDDRT.ReportObjects
            Dim CrSubReport As CRAXDDRT.SubreportObject
            Dim crCollSubReport AsNewCollection
            'Loop through each sectionto identify subreports
            CrSections = objReport.Sections
            'CrSections = rptBindLetter.ReportDefinition.Sections
            Dim iAs Integer
            For Each CrSection In CrSections
                CrReportObjects = CrSection.ReportObjects
                Fori=1To CrReportObjects.CountIf CrReportObjects.Item(i).Kind= CrystalDecisions.Shared.ReportObjectKind.SubreportObject Then
                        CrSubReport = CrReportObjects.Item(i)
                        'CrSubReport = CType(CrReportObject, CRAXDDRT.SubreportObject)
                        'oSubRpt = CrSubReport.OpenSubreport(CrSubReport.SubreportName)
                        PrepareSubReports(crCollSubReport.Item(crCollSubReport.Count))EndIfNextNextEnd Sub
        Sub ExportFile(ByVal oRpt AsReport, ByVal sSaveFileName AsString)With oRpt
                .ExportOptions.DiskFileName = sSaveFileName
                .ExportOptions.DestinationType = CRAXDDRT.CRExportDestinationType.crEDTDiskFile
                SelectCase UCase(Right(sSaveFileName,3))Case"PDF".ExportOptions.FormatType = CRAXDDRT.CRExportFormatType.crEFTPortableDocFormat
                    Case"DOC".ExportOptions.FormatType = CRAXDDRT.CRExportFormatType.crEFTWordForWindows
                    Case"RTF".ExportOptions.FormatType = CRAXDDRT.CRExportFormatType.crEFTRichText
                    Case"XLS".ExportOptions.FormatType = CRAXDDRT.CRExportFormatType.crEFTExcel97
                EndSelect.Export(False)EndWithEnd Sub
    #End Region
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