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Jul 25, 2010 at 07:07 AM

Restarting Initial screen using a GAF component


Hi Everyone,

Quick Background: I have developed a WD application that makes use of the FPM_GAF_COMPONENT. I have implemented interface IF_FPM_GAF_CONF_EXIT and coded method OVERRIDE_EVENT_GAF to dynamically choose which version of the application to display at runtime using the URL parameters of the WD application. The configuration constists of an initial screen and a couple of variants - each variant then contains at most 3 mainsteps.

The versions that are determined by the URL parameters at run-time are the following:

1) Application run for employee.

2) Application run for manager.

Based on the version this then populates a radio button group on my initial screen.

My initial screen has 3 options for employee- Create, display or modify. Then based on the selection here this will choose the correct variant to run.

The manager version only has one option display/action the item. Therefore the initial screen is skipped for this.

This all works fine, however say for instance my current state is version - Employee, variant 1(create) and mainstep 3(confirmation step), I want to allow the user to return to the initial screen, so that the user choose what to do next, is this even possible if so how?

I was thinking of using the YouCanAlso or RelatedLinks within the fpm interface?

Thanks in advance