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Jul 24, 2010 at 03:31 PM

BAPI_SalesOrder_CreateFromDat2 fails for items with free goods


Hi all, I have a very weird problem when I am trying to create a sales order using SAP .net connector with the BAPI function BAPI_SalesOrder_CreateFromDat2(). The problem happens through the following scenario:

1 - Item X has a free good rule on it that states "If user buys 5 Cartoons of Item X he will take 1 pack of Item Y free of charge" while Item Z has no rules like this

2 - using BAPI and .net connector, an order is needed to be created with following details:

a - Item X with quantity 6 Cartoons.

b- Item Z with quantity 3 Cartoons

3 - If BAPI_SalesOrder_CreateFromDat2() assigns these details to Order_Items_In with the same order (a then b), SAP will return an error for Item z that states "No item category available (Table T184 ZKE NORM KEN)."; while if the function tries to create the order with details in reverse order (b then a ), the order will be created successfully.

I have done the following steps:

1 - Tried the same order in SAP GUI but it succeeded. (So no problem in Item Category Determination)

2 - Tries the same order with the suspicious order in the BAPI function Test inside SAP GUI (using tcode BAPI or SE37) but the function had not return any errors also.

3 - Tried to send Item Category in code when calling the bapi function (Forced the code to KEN), but the same message appeared as SAP insist on redetermining the Item Category and return this meaningless message.