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Jul 23, 2010 at 11:53 PM

Planning bucket profile - ***TWO fiscal year variant *** complicated***


At my client we have 2 fiscal year variant.

RI Fiscal Year Variant (monthly - Periods are monthly with 12 period)

RM Weekly (with weekly period 52/53 period)

we have same fiscal year variant maintained in the SCM team as well.

so now we want our planning book to have 24 months in the period (monthly period ) from RI fiscal year variant

and out of these 24 first 3 period should be in period (weekly period) from RM fiscla year variant.

now the issue is

system expects me to go by Period> months> week --> day

but it wont expect period (RI) --> period (RM).

ie. system is not able to divide period in to period.

how can we handle this situation?

any suggestion?

Number of periods Basic periodicity Fiscal year variant of basic periodicity (optional) Display periodicity Fiscal year

variant of display

periodicity (optional)

24 P RI

3 P P RM


error i get:

Input error 5 in row 2: See long text

Long text

Input error 5 in row 2: See long text

Message no. /SAPAPO/MA840


The system cannot interpret one or more of your entries.


Note the error number in the error message short text and check it against the error description below:

001: The period indicator that you have entered is not available. To choose a valid period indicator, use F4 Help.

002: The fiscal year variant that you have entered does not exist. To choose a valid fiscal year indicator, use F4 Help.

003: Specify a fiscal year variant for this fiscal period.

004: Define the number of periods.

005: Enter a display periodicity that is smaller than the basic periodicity; for example, you can enter a display periodicity of 'W' if the basic periodicity is 'M'.

006: Enter a basic periodicity that is smaller than the one in the previous line.

007: Enter a number of periods for the basic periodicity such that one line represents a longer time than the next line. For example, if you specify on one line that the first month is displayed in weeks, you must not specify on the next line that the first 6 weeks are displayed in days, because 6 weeks are longer than 1 month.