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Jul 23, 2010 at 02:48 PM

Custom field in CS01 header


Hi everybodies,

I need to add a new custom field in header for transaction CS01/CS02. I used the enhancement PCSD0003.

1) I created an append structure for the table STKO (ZASTKO) with the field I need.

2) I created the new screen by clicking on the SCREEN EXIT. In this new screen a field have been added (I/O type). It attribute is subscreen.

3) I created another append strucure for the structure CSCI_STKO as asked in the function module EXIT_SAPLCSDI_004 with the field I need. And in this function I added the code as following (STKO-ZZVENDOR = USERDATA-ZZVENDOR.)

4) In the function module EXIT_SAPLCSDI_005 I added this code too (USERDATA-ZZVENDOR = STKO-ZZVENDOR.)

When I used the transaction CS01, I see the new subscreen in header, but after having declared data in the field, if I push "Enter", data disappear and nothing saved.

Does anybodies to help me on this little problem




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