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Jul 23, 2010 at 01:39 PM

Parallel depreciation area not posted when trying to settle an order.



We have requirement of using parallel currencies in one of the cocode.So I havee set up parallel currencies in AA as well.

We have three currencies EUR as Local currency, USD as Group Currency and CHF as Index-based Curremcy.

I have set up Depreciation areas

01 Book depreciation areau2014posts in real timeu2014leading ledger 0L

02 Book depreciation area for CHFu2014posts Dep only u2013Z1 european ledger

10u2014Statutory Depreciation areau2014Do not post

19u2014Derived Dep area (01-10)

29u2014Dervied dep area (02-01) Posts APC onlyu2014Z1 european leading ledger

30-Consolidated Balancesheet in local currencyu2014do not post

31u2014consolidated balance sheet in group currencyu2014do not post

32u2014Book dep in Group currency u2013do not post--assigned USD in OABT

42-Book dep in Group currency-do not post --assigned CHF in OABT

I have selected Indentical and TTr check box for dep areas 02,31,32, & 42.

I have done the consistency check and it shows no errors in depreciation area set up.

When Trying to settle an internal order in KO88 to a fixed asset I am getting the below error message.

*Data inconsistency: Parallel depr. area is not posted Message no. AAPO104*


For chart of depreciation ZCH, you defined this area (or these areas) as parallel depreciation areas for depreciation area 01. In the current transaction, however, not all of these areas are posted. This is not allowed.


Check if the transaction type is limited to certain depreciation areas. If there is such a limitation, add the missing depreciation areas for the transaction type.

Check if the asset that is being posted manages all these depreciation areas.

I have checked the transaction types and they are not limited to any depreciation areas. I have activated depreciatio areas in the asset class and maintained the account determination nad assigned g/l accounts.

Please help me if I have missed any settings.

Thanks & Regards