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Jul 23, 2010 at 01:14 PM

statistical condition type mapping


In COPA (Profitability Analysis), we map transfer of billing document to flow into COPA. The value fields of COPA are mapped with Condition type of SD (Transaction Code KE4I).

The situation is few condition types are assigned to Accounting key as well as are statistical in the Pricing Procedure. So whichever Condition type is assigned to Accounting key will flow to FI and same condition type in other Pricing Procedure is statistical will not flow to FI.

However in COPA, the condition type is mapped to COPA value field. So all the values in the billing document against that condition type will flow to PA. This would lead to differences in FI & COPA reporting to the extent of same conditions with statistical tick.

How to deal with the situation so that FI & COPA reporting are sync ?


In COPA mapping Condition type "EXD" mapped to COPA Value field "ERLOS"

Pricing Procedure Condition Type AccKey Statistical


PP102 EXD (no A/c Key) Statistical

How do i map EXD so that COPA & FI reporting are in harmony ?