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Jul 23, 2010 at 11:53 AM

creation of multiple records in reciever file as per occurance of 1 segment


Hi SapAll.

i have a got a requirement in an IDOC To File Interface

the Requirement is under sending IDOC there will be multiple segments whose fields will me mapped to reciever file,so here i got a business requirement as


Segment 1-occur for 1 time

segment 2- occurs for 1 time

segment 3-occurs for 3 times so here PI Need to create a file with 3 records as segment 3 repeats for 3 times, here segment 1 and segment 2 field values repeats for all the 3 records int the file and segment 3 fields values will have to be mapped respectively for each record of all the 3 records from each segment 3.

i dont know on how i can acheive this.

can any of sap group provide me the solution.