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Jul 23, 2010 at 11:48 AM

EHP4 INstallation on ECC 6.0 EHP4 Ready - ABAP Only


Dear Experts,

We are planning to install EHP4. I have some queries regarding the EHP4 installation.

Our Environment:

ECC Version: ECC 6.0 EHP4 Ready - ABAP Stack Only

Operating Sys: AIX 6

Database: Oracle

My Queries are:

1. What does the ECC 6.0 - EHP4 ready means & why we cannot use it without installing EHP4 on it?

2. Since at the time of ECC installation, we have selected only Web AS - ABAP, so is the NW-EHP1 installed on our system?

3. We have 3 DVDs of EHP4 & downloaded EHPinst via service market place download centre, so can I directly install EHP4 using the EHPinst & the 3 DVDs without downloading the SP Stack via MOpz (since our ECC is EHP4 ready, so it must be having latest Support Packs - my guess)?

4. In SolMan - SMSY , the relevant components selected against our ECC is only ECC server, due to which I am only able to select very few Technical Usage types in Solman - MOpz. Since, our ECC is only ABAP stack, so is it possible that in SolMan - SMSY, I select more relevant components against our ECC like - NW - Portal, NW - BI to be able to select the usage types of Portal Content & BI Content in SolMan - MOpz?

5. The installation guide says that aprox 100 GB free space is required for shadow system. My doubt is where is this 100 GB free space required? Do I need to create a new mount point of 100 GB OR do I need to add 100 GB space to sapdata1 - sapdata4 OR do I need 100 GB free space in my database tablespace?

6. Our /usr/sap/<SID> directory total size is 10 GB out of which 9 GB is free. Is this sufficient?

7. Our /usr/sap/trans directory total size is 20 GB out of which 17 GB is free. Is this sufficient?

8. Can I use a directory other than /usr/sap/<SID> as the EHPI installation directory, as I have an unsed mount point of 30 GB?

9. Are there any parameter changes required in SAP & Oracle before starting EHP4 installation?

10. Do we need to suspend background jobs before starting EHP4 installation?

11. Can I switch DB to noarchivelog mode before starting EHP4 installation?

12. Is there any post installtion steps to be performed after EHP4 installation or we can directly release the system to users?

Any other information/experiences you would like to share are most welcome.


Ashish Khanduri