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Jul 23, 2010 at 10:24 AM

How to add the line break in Description property of iView or Page or Works


I want to display some text using ServiceMap iView which I have created for MSS. I have assigned the ServiceMap iview and one more iview XYZ to a role.

Now service map iview is behaving like Overview iview for MSS showing the link of XYZ iview.

I have added some text under XYZ iview's description. For eg the text is "I want to add a newline using the iview text" in order to display this text under the overview iview.

The requirement is the text should come in 2 lines like as below

I want to add a newline

using the iview text

I have put </n> in between the text under description but nothing happens.

Please help how I can have the text in 2 lines