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Jul 23, 2010 at 10:20 AM

what is the importance of "CONTROLLER" in proxy structures generated



i have created a proxy for service interface in ESR. i can see one field "CONTROLLER" of type PRXCTRLTAB (Control Flags for Fields of a Structure ) in all of structures generated for proxy.

i have given functional specification where in one of the XML strucutes is


<IdValue name=u2018ClientIdu2019>ABCDEF</IdValue>

<IdValue name=u2018Empidu2019>12345</IdValue>


now my requirement is to extract clientid or empid based on its name as it is given above and get the value correspondingly.

for this in the generated structure i have one field "Generalid" inside that one more field "value", where i think i will have some value ( could be client id or empid i guess)

now please suggest me how can i find that value is empid or general id, i suspect that "controller" field which contain one field called "NAME" will actually tells us this?

my question may be complex, please suggest