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Jul 23, 2010 at 08:41 AM

BEx Report Issue


I am facing an issue in my project and require your suggestion for the same. The scenario is explained below -

A report has to be created over a DSO. The table looks similar to this:

Region Transaction Number Transaction Type Contract Start Date(CSD) Work Completion Date (WCD)

1 1000 ZRVP 01/01/2010 01/02/2010 1001 ZRVP 05/01/2010 18/02/2010

1001 ZRVF 05/01/2010 22/02/2010

1001 ZRVF 05/01/2010 26/03/2010

2 1002 ZRVP 04/04/2010 05/05/2010

BEx Report -

Service Calls have to be divided on the basis of the difference of ("Work completion Date"- "Contract Start Date")

Service call is calculates as -> ( (WCD-CSD) <10 )==1)* transactiontype Flag*51 , similarly for other date differences.

User wants a one liner report where he can see region wise report, without transaction numbers being displayed.

The output of the report should looks like this:

Region ServiceCall <10 days Service Calls 10 -20 days Service Calls20-30 days

But this does not gives correct result.

I am not sure how to calculate the date difference for individual transaction and still show it in the report without Transaction number getting populated at run time.

When i add the transaction number to the Rows section, the output is correct.

Any suggestions would really be appreciated.