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Jul 23, 2010 at 05:39 AM

User Z converted to user Y



Letu2019s say you have a user id : Zxxxxxxx and this one will be converted (NOT A COPY but a real replacement in all standard and custom tables, even in documents created,u2026) by a user id : Yxxxxxxx

More than 4k users will be converted based on domains (xubname, tduser, uname, u2026) and data elements (syuname, u2026)

Is there any technical way to u2018identifyu2019 the password linked to a SAP user id ? or to keep the link between password/user Z and password/user Y.

I really doubt this is possible because this would be a real hole in SAP security but I want to be sure before we decide the technical way to create thousands of different strong passwords and a secure way to communicate them to the end-users.