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Jul 23, 2010 at 03:42 AM

Cell Definition within a column to show nil


Hello All

I have a report with two columns representing actual and budget for time member '2009.TOTAL'.

In the rows, i have specific ten selected accounts 'P_ACCTS'. In the actual column, i wish to exclude two of the ten accounts from retrieving data, IE only the remaining eight should retrive data. All ten rows will be used to send budget data (which i will use EVSND functionality)

I am looking for solutions to exclude the retrival of data from these two cell intersections. My options currently :

1/ Manage the exception cells by including an EVGET that returns '0' - i will save '0' to a data region that is effectively never used to provide this. This will overwrite the column (Actual 2009.TOTAL) and row P_ACCT account intersection retrieval.

2/ Excliude the column from the 'colkeyrange' and for the eight of the ten cells, define an EVGET to retrieve actual data.

Any recommendations to these or other solutions much appreciated,