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Jul 23, 2010 at 12:41 AM

Down payments



Need your help i have a strange situation

1) F-48 and document posted with document no = 15..... in company code = L002 with payment block getting populated automatically

2) F-48 and document posted with document no= 15..... in company code = US11 without payment block and the screen does not even show payment block field + many other fields that i was seeing for the other company code, the payment block status for this document was checked from BSEG table

My question is

a) How and where does this payment block is triggered through configured . How to see the screen identical to both company codes for posting Key 29+ Special G.L. "A" i check Field status group for both G.L. accounts did not find any difference

b) when I use F-48, how do we do the actual payment, is there a check printing and linking it to the KZ document or is check printing done outside the system and the KZ document type does not have any linkage.

c) If I do FB60 for a higher amount how do we pay the balance amount.

Please give me step by step, thanking you in advance.

Your response is appreciated.