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Jul 22, 2010 at 09:51 PM

Set Datasource Crystal


1. I am trying to update the Crystal Reports Data source from Universe to a command object. Set Data Source has u2018Add Commandu2019 option. But I am not able to save the new command object and update the source. Is this a tool limitation or a bug? I am able to update the source with tables, views etcu2026

2. Updating a command object source to another command Object also doesn't work. (FYI: Editing the command object works, But I am not interested in it)

3. Also, I am not able to switch between the servers in the u2018Repositoryu2019. We have Universes in one server and Business Views in other server. Universe server is Enterprise authentication and Business Views server is Windows NT authentication. After connecting to Universe server (System), I am not able to go back to another server which has Business Views.

What are the limitations to updating the data source in Crystal Reports? Some of our reports are also bult on stored procs. Users wants to change the report data source as per their preference and wants to map the fields i.e; eg: Command Object to Universe, Stored proc to Universe, Universe to stored proc, Universe to Command Object, Universe to a database views/tables, Command Objects to Tables/views etc...

Environment: BO XI R2, Busness View Manger, Crystal XI R2 and Oracle 10



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