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Jul 22, 2010 at 07:51 PM

Problems transporting Guided Procedure (GP)


I created a transport request for my Guided Procedures process. This created an .sda file. The .sda file was deployed using SDM. Next, I released all of the objects using the 'Manage Imported Objects' option. After I released all of the objects, I realized that I forgot to change the permissions on all of my objects to Read before I released them.

So, I went back to step 1 and created a new transport request for the same Guided Procedures process (I didn't make any changes to any of the GP objects. I simply created a new transport request with the exact same version of all of the objects). This created a new .sda file. This second .sda file was deployed using SDM. When I went to release the new objects using the 'Manage Imported Obejcts' option, the folder was empty. It looks like I don't have any objects to release. I would like to try to release the objects again so that I can change the permissions on the objects. Why would the folder be empty? Is it because I didn't make any changes? Why wouldn't it try to redeploy it anyway?

We are trying to implement Guided Procedures in our production environment, so we are not familiar with how to transport these objects. I have already followed the How-toGuide for How to Transport in GP, but this guide does not address the proper procedure for redeploying changes to an existing process.